of the
Diehl / Deal  Families
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Most of this information compiled by  H. A. Diehl
and Lorna Flinchbaugh Gentzler
Hans George Diehl Born (?)    in Unden Caplen  Homberg, Palatinate
Married Anna C Hertz
Johannes Adam Diehl  Born 1690 Unden Caplen died York Co Pa 1755
Married Maria Catherine Kreisher
Carl Adam Charles Diehl Born in Homberg 1717   died April 18 1800 in Shrewsbury Township York Co Pa
Married Maria Elizabeth Ehrhardt 

Charles "Carl" Diehl Born 1750 (Shrewsbury York County PA) Militia Revolutionary War
Private 6th class, served with Capt. John Ehraman
Married Christina Stabler
Her father was Christian Stebler He was in the York Co Militia, Revolutionary War
Charles Diehl Born 1779 in Shrewsbury York Co  died March 10th 1839 Windosr Township York Co Pa
Married Catherine Koller (Kohler) daughter of  Jacob Koller and Cathrine Miller
Jacob Diehl Born 1805 in Windsor Twp York Co PA
Married Anna Mary Kohler
Christina Diehl Born 1803  daughter of Jacob Diehl and Anna Mary Koller Diehl
Married Jacob Flinchbaugh  son of Johann Adam Flinspach (Flinchbaugh) and Magdalena Blymeyer
Jacob Diehl Born 1839 in Felton PA  - 87th Pa Volunteers (GAR)
Married Susan Mitzel, daughter was Ida May Diehl
Sunsan Mitzel's parent's were Daniel Mitzel and Susan Raab
Jacob Flinchbaugh Born  about 1837   son of jacob F Flinchbaugh
Married Agnes Ann (Nancy) Reichard
Ida May Diehl Born 1866 in Felton PA
Married James I Flinchbaugh -  son of Jacob Diehl Flinchbaugh
There son was Emory Franklin Flinchbaugh
Old Pennsylvania Coat of Arms
  John Fisher  of York Pennsylvania
painted the first versions of
this in 1796
Diehl Land Map
Click here to see an early Diehl homestead
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My Flinchbaugh Family married into the Diehl family twice over the years - The above Jacob Franklin Flinchbaugh married Christina Diehl.
(Next)  Ida May Diehl daughter of Jacob Diehl and Susan Mitzel married James Isaiah Flinchbaugh